Autism Can be Cured

Is Autism Curable? Yes, this Alternative Cure for Autism has Proven to Work


After having successfully cured children with autism with help of Spirit, I have to say yes to the question “is autism curable?”

This spiritual autism healing program is now available on a wider scale for children diagnosed with autism or autism related diagnosis. These healings have helped with a variety of issues, see list below.

So how is autism curable via these healing? You can read more in the various articles on this website. The free downloadable eBook describes two cases of autistic children that were healed. It also talks about how Mia found out that she could heal autism.

These specialist healings are an alternative cure for autism and are based on holistic principles. They are soul based healings. They differ from any of the already known therapies or treatments for autism, but work well alongside any other therapy. In essence we are looking for core events (including relationships) that could be at the root of the person’s issue. This applies to any age. In some cases addressing a major trauma early in life (relative to the child’s age) had a big influence on the child’s further cognitive developments.

This alternative “cure for autism” consists of spiritual healing work only. It is solely based on spiritual principles, heals with help of your soul, is non-local and thus never requires direct involvement with your child. Through regular follow up via Skype or phone and 24/7 emails there will be regular discussions about your child’s progress.

In addition to helping children with autism, the healings can also benefit children with the following:

    • Mobility issues – see Arlen’s story
    • Not sleeping or waking often – see Kim’s testimonial
    • Crying issues such as relentless crying
    • Extreme shyness relative to the child’s developmental age – see Kim’s testimonial
    • Nightmares with Panic – see Anita’s testimonial
    • Pains that are not quantifiable – see Jesse’s testimonial
    • Biting issues
    • Bed wetting
    • Restlessness
    • Anxiety driven behavior
    • Fears in the classroom for other children or teachers, or bullying issues – see Anita’s testimonial
    • Fears of parental issues or even fears of a parent without the parent being excessive in any way
    • Sibling or other Rivalry
    • Learning and Concentration 
    • issues of loss such as a close friend or relative
    • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies, however always first immediately seek professional help should your child display such tendencies.


More about these healings can also be found here.

See the bookings page for more details. We endeavor to respond within 3 days.


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