Autism Can be Cured

What Other Cures for Autism are There?


cures for autismAfter Jesse and Arlen were successfully healed from their autism I began researching what other cures for autism are available that claim success. This was mainly done through searching the internet as well as with help of my own spiritual guidance.

From what I found there appear to be very few autistic children (percentage wise) that have actually been cured, relative to the ever growing number of newly diagnosed children. 

Although in some cases the autism symptoms seem to naturally disappear at an later age.

It stood out from what I read that in most cases it were in the end the parents who claimed success. I noticed few (if any) doctors claiming success with any particular treatment.

Some of the cures for autism, which parents claimed have helped their children were Educational/behavioral interventions often given for many years, at times combined with special diets and or supplements.

It seems that in a small percentage of cases genetics and environmental issues can play a role in Autism.

New findings published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences seem to indicate that cognitive impairment in autism may be related to weak brain connections in regions of the brain that relate speech to emotional rewards.

“Weak brain connectivity may impede children with autism from experiencing speech as pleasurable,” said Vinod Menon, senior author of the study and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University.

The study is the first to suggest that the reason why children with autism display insensitivity to human speech may be linked to faulty circuitry in the brain’s reward centers.

From my own experience and spiritual guidance, I must say that I also found the neurological sections of the brain that process sound to be weaker compared to those of a non-autistic person.

However with the help of Spirit and energy healings we were able to strengthen parts of the brain that needed support.

Each human body has an innate mechanism to repair itself. Some people can activate that mechanism themselves usually through meditation or imagining exercises.

With help of these spiritual healings for autism, a similar outcome is achieved, as certain parts of the brain are given extra support from a spiritual or energetic perspective.

This helps the functionality of the relevant areas of the brain to improve to the point that there is a break through with cognition and speech.

It seems that in most cases in the literature about cures for autism this includes more than one type of therapy often combined.
With these spiritual healings there is no need to stop any of these therapies. These healings support the brain energetically in a way that those “weaker areas” of the brain may strengthen and function better.

These healings can safely be given in conjunction with any therapy or diet.