Autism Can be Cured

Healings Improve Mobility Arlen

Spiritual Healing MethodI knew Kerie Logan, Arlen’s mother, through her Internet presence, without at first knowing about her son and his disabilities of autism and cerebral palsy.

Kerie wrote in detail about her own experiences how these healings cured Arlen’s autism and improved his mobility in her book, “Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life.” More on Kerie and her book can be found at and

With Kerie’s permission I have included in italics an extract from her book about how Arlen’s mobility improved after sending these spiritual healings.

Arlen received only long distant healings. In fact I have never met either Arlen or his mother Kerie in person, because they live in the United States and I live in Australia, however Kerie and I have spoken on the phone.

While I cannot comment on how well Arlen was walking before I started my work with him, this is what Kerie wrote in her book.

At the time he would walk a few feet and fall to his knees. He could not walk downstairs without someone holding his hand, and he could not jump or run.

To my surprise and everyone else’s he started to gain his daredevil confidence.

One day he was in the living room jumping off the couch. When he landed he did not fall on his knees. His balance was much better. I watched him do it over and over again. It was like a miracle had taken place right before my eyes.

Within two weeks he started to run around the house. I know it is a rule at the gym’s kids club to not allow the children to run, but the women were amazed to watch him run for the first time. They did not have the hearts to tell him to stop.

To be able to witness him being able to run with joy and excitement just makes my heart sing. Every time I am grateful that words cannot speak. The gift Mia den Haan gave me is what every parent would wish. It was a blessing and I am so thankful.

Sample from Chapter 8 of the free ebook “No Autism Any Longer”.

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