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Arlen’s Autism Treatment

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Arlen’s mother Kerie wrote in detail about how Arlen, who was autistic, started talking and how his mobility improved after he received these spiritual healings.
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With Kerie’s permission I have included in italics an extract from her book about how Arlen’s communication rapidly improved after spiritual healings were sent for his autism treatment.

All work with Arlen’s spiritual healings for his autism treatment were long distant. In fact I have never met either Arlen or his mother Kerie in person, because they live in the United States and I live in Australia, however Kerie and I have spoken on the phone.

This healing work is not to be compared with any other traditional autism treatment whereby the therapist and client interact with each other. It serves a very different function of supporting the brain from within by sending healings to those parts that are given permission to be healed.

While I cannot comment on how well Arlen was talking before I started my work with him, this is what Kerie wrote in her book.

The next healing my son received was for his communication. When you have a child with autism, the communication barrier varies. My son is four and a half and could say words, but putting those words together to form a sentence was not easy for him. At times it felt like a guessing game and I had to learn to show objects of various foods to get a response from him.

Through my son’s Early Intervention Program he was referred to Easter Seal’s for speech therapy. After his appointment had to be rescheduled several times, finally at the beginning of August 2012 I got him evaluated. However, he ended up not getting any speech therapy as I received a letter stating that all the speech therapy services have been temporarily stopped before we even started.

However, a week after Arlen received his speech evaluation he received his first distant healing for his communication. Within a few days people saw his use of words expand and it still does to this day (December 2012). He was starting to say sentences like:

How are you?
What is your name?
I want to go home and snuggle with Mama
I love you forever
Let’s go exercise the body
I want to go to the bathroom …………… and many more

Every day his use of words and sentences expands. Now I have to watch my own words because there have been times he will recall and repeat what I said. I cannot help but smile with joy. I have not changed his diet or tried any new techniques. The average child can say the sentences Arlen now speaks at a much younger age, but an autistic child cannot.

I can now have a conversation with my son and to me that has been priceless. While it may be hard for some people to believe in my son’s amazing healings, but he did not get any speech therapy over the summer from preschool and no other resources were available.

While Kerie’s own words from her book explain clearly that Arlen has already improved greatly, more sessions are still needed. Arlen’s healing process (as at December 2012) is not completed yet because of the nature of his disability. Although the main healings for his autism treatment have been completed he still need some healing over time to help him with speech.

With young children and the complexities of spiritual healing work needed, such as in Arlen’s case, it is best to have shorter healing sessions one small step at a time. This allows the child to get used to the next new “state” before the next set of healing sessions begins.

While Arlen is “catching up” with his cognitive ability and development of certain brain functions since the sessions started, he will still need to go through stages of developmental maturation in between sessions, like any other child. There can be several weeks to several months between each set of healing sessions depending on Arlen’s needs. It all depends on the guidance I receive which comes from Arlen’s own higher self.

This is an extract from Chapter 8 of the free Ebook “No Autism Any Longer”.