Autism Can be Cured

The Autism Diet and Spiritual Healing


Can Autism Be Cured, Cure AutismI have no personal experience that a special diet can cure autism. However, I do believe that a good diet and good nutrition can make a difference in anyone’s life, not only for autism. The body’s cells and brain cells need the right nutritional food for optimal functioning.

There are instances where parents have claimed that a change in their child’s diet cured their child’s autism. You can search the internet and find people who claim this.

While there is no such thing as a specific autism diet some people found that a gluten free and casein free diet can make a difference. I once met a parent whose son did have high functioning autism. She definitely noticed a lot of improvements after placing him on a gluten and casein free diet. In this instance it did not cure but greatly alleviated the autistic symptoms.

The autism diet is a way of trying to treat autism through dietary means. The autism diet tries to balance the digestive system and can look at blood sugar and toxicity levels and also at additives in the diet.

However, with the two children I helped, Jesse and Arlen, their parents did not specifically adapt their diet to include or exclude foods. I know that the parents of both children are quit mature and aware in their food choices; however, both told me they did not adhere to any special diet to heal their child’s autism.

The children received special distant spiritual healings at regular intervals. With the main goal, improving the children’s cognitive awareness to the extent they could talk and express themselves in a better way. That was the sole focus with my work.

Both children responded very well. Their communication began improving within weeks. The older child in particular improved much faster than anyone expected, including myself.

From a spiritual perspective we are already whole. It is our human nature, our persona, which often thinks we are not.

This spiritual or soul healing work bridges a gap. A gap between our true potential from an inner perspective and what we are manifested as in our humanness, our physique.