Autism Can be Cured

Finding a Way of How to Cure Autism Successfully


how to cure autismI have summarized in this article what led to Jesse being cured from autism.The question of how to cure autism had been on my mind since I met Amanda’s son Jesse who was diagnosed with autism. The good news is that Jesse is healed and now cured, however at the time I had never before healed autism and did not know if it was at all  possible.

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Can These Healings Help With PDD Autism?


PDD Autism

After hearing about PDD NOS Autism through a client I became more aware how, from a diagnostic perspective, symptoms with PDD NOS Autism differ from more severe, classic autism.
PDD-NOS or PDD stands for “Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified” and is part of the group of autism spectrum disorders. Read More

Can You Cure Autism with Spiritual Healing?


Cure Autism

With this work yes, children were cured of their autism purely with these Spiritual Healings only. You can read more about it in the posts on the right hand side with the heading “Success Stories.”

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What Other Cures for Autism are There?


cures for autismAfter Jesse and Arlen were successfully healed from their autism I began researching what other cures for autism are available that claim success. This was mainly done through searching the internet as well as with help of my own spiritual guidance.

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Is Autism Curable Using Alternative Methods?


is autism curableI will have to answer the question “is autism curable”, with a resounding YES based on my own experience. More can be read about why I believe this on this site and in the free downloadable eBook “No Autism Any Longer”.  I am talking from my own experience and the journey’s of two little boys in being cured of autism. Read More