Autism Can be Cured

Toe Walking, Autism and Spiritual Healings


Toe Walking and spiritual healingRecently a parent asked if their child’s toe walking could be cured with these spiritual healings. As I knew very little about this subject, I first had to get a better understanding of how the human body functions in relation to gait. That was followed by reading numerous articles about toe walking and medical research about toe walking that attracted my attention.

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Why is This Unorthodox “Autism Cure” on Offer?


Autism CuresAfter  Arlen and Jesse were cured of their autism I found myself in a dilemma as I had already other interests I was pursuing. I was after all not medically trained nor trained in any other autism related therapy. So why do I now offer this unorthodox, spiritually based “Autism Cure”? I have been asked this question a few times of late.

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What Other Cures for Autism are There?


cures for autismAfter Jesse and Arlen were successfully healed from their autism I began researching what other cures for autism are available that claim success. This was mainly done through searching the internet as well as with help of my own spiritual guidance.

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The Autism Diet and Spiritual Healing


Can Autism Be Cured, Cure AutismI have no personal experience that a special diet can cure autism. However, I do believe that a good diet and good nutrition can make a difference in anyone’s life, not only for autism. The body’s cells and brain cells need the right nutritional food for optimal functioning. Read More