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Arlen’s Autism Treatment

autism treatment Curing Autism
Arlen’s mother Kerie wrote in detail about how Arlen, who was autistic, started talking and how his mobility improved after he received these spiritual healings.
More on Kerie and her book can be found at www.empoweredwithin.com
and Amazon.com. Read More

Jesses First Year at School After His Autism Treatments

Curing Autism autism treatmentsBefore Jesse began receiving these autism healings, which cured his autism, he was receiving other autism treatments including various types of therapies.

He had also always been on a good diet but not a special diet for autism. However, according to Jesse’s parents none of it Read More

Jesse And How He Was Cured From Autism


Cured from autism

I met Amanda, Jesse’s mother, in the late 1990s when she became my administrative assistant in one of the businesses of which I was at the time a co-director. A year later I parted with that company as I needed to slow down because of health issues. We went our own ways and our paths did not cross for many years. However, around 2007, Read More

My Journey Healing Autism With Spirit 

Spiritual Healing AutismThe journey that led to the availability of these soul healing processes for autism was quite a long one. Starting in 1990 I began training over a period of many years, in some of the now more widely available energy healing methods such as Reiki, Seichim healing, Zenna healing, Reconnective healing, Quantum healing and also as a Shell Essence and Flower essence therapist. Read More

Healings Improve Mobility Arlen

Spiritual Healing MethodI knew Kerie Logan, Arlen’s mother, through her Internet presence, without at first knowing about her son and his disabilities of autism and cerebral palsy.

Kerie wrote in detail about her own experiences how these healings cured Arlen’s autism and improved his mobility in her book, Read More

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