Autism Can be Cured

Can You Cure Autism with Spiritual Healing?


Cure Autism

With this work yes, children were cured of their autism purely with these Spiritual Healings only. You can read more about it in the posts on the right hand side with the heading “Success Stories.”

Before I further explain how these healings can cure autism, I would first like to explain the word Spiritual Healing a little more. There are a variety of viewpoints on what Spiritual Healing means.

Spiritual Healing is not new. It has been around for many centuries and across many different religions and continents.These healings are not associated with any religious belief and do not involve any ritual whatsoever.

For most people in western or Christian culture Spiritual Healing means a connection with God through which God makes you well. In other cultures it could be a Shamanic ritual including the use of sometimes very powerful herbs.
In Africa, Philippines and other parts of the world there have been healers who perform faith or psychic healing called psychic surgery. In some forms of so called “psychic surgery” the healer supposedly performs surgery on the etheric body.

As a Zenna Healer I work with the etheric body via healers in spirit, however in the case of Jesse, my first successfully healed autism client, we were unsuccessful in trying to cure autism using Zenna healings. Jesse’s mother Amanda, who is also a trained Zenna Healer was also not able to cure autism that way.
For those unfamiliar with the etheric body I recommend Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light”. This was the first book I read in the late 1980s which introduced the concept that we each have our own levels of energetic bodies surrounding us.

Sometimes Spiritual healing and the laying of hands are believed to be the same as that is how it was first known many centuries ago. In those days, without telecommunications, people had no choice but to visit the healer in person. While healing can also be transferred via hands on healing, most modalities these days, including Reiki, are equally effective via absent healing.
Again, as a trained Reiki healer, I was at that time not able to cure autism for Jesse with any of the different versions of Reiki I knew, including the original USUI Reiki.

While Reiki (there are many different types these days) usually comes from a very high energy level its nature is different from true Spiritual healing.
Reiki, which I do like, comes from the mental ability to focus on Reiki symbols as well as transmitting energy frequencies. That is also how it originated.

Authentic Spiritual Healings are different as the mental plane is never involved, thus preventing any kind of  human control or interference.
In support of Reiki I must add that it can be a powerful modality for some. I myself benefited from Reiki when healing a semi detached retina as well as severely sunburned and swollen legs and also burns. This was back in the days before I was able to use this new healing modality I now offer. From my own experience, using Reiki or Zenna healing did not work in trying to cure autism.

There is a place within us which knows how to cure almost anything within our own dimension/domain in which we live. Some people may call this a “template of who we are”, in total perfection. This is the place I am able “to contact” with help of the client’s own spiritual guidance.
From that I know if I can help a client with these healings. On some occasions I may not be able to help. Sometimes a younger person may spiritually speaking not be mature enough yet.  This is because the process of this healing will always create a change in the brain and improves cognition which in some cases a younger child may not be ready for.

So what happens after I receive confirmation that healings can be given?
In situations where we are looking to cure autism I will first find out the duration of treatment and how many healings per week are needed. Sometimes healings are given daily depending on the child’s needs.
Also the current impact of the child on his or her surroundings such as siblings will be taken into consideration. Parents may find it difficult to cope with their child’s autism and may not be ready for changes that will occur in their child.

Such as in the case of Jesse, who went from virtually no speech, to almost non-stop questioning within a matter of weeks. While his parents were very happy with his all of a sudden major progress in speech, at the same time it initially also caused severe overload on both parents.
Arlen on the other hand was slower in speech adaptation. However, within a week of starting these healings he was ready to run and jump without falling which he previously could not do.
While every human being is unique, I can find out what healings can be provided through each person’s own spiritual wisdom or “place of perfection” .