Autism Can be Cured


How is an “autism healing” given?

These are absent healings. The duration of each healing is short compared to what and adult can be given in one session.The frequency of these autism healing sessions varies depending on the guidance received for your child. With young children the frequency of each autism healing session is usually daily or every second day.

Can these autism healings affect other therapies?

You can continue with any of the therapies your child is already attending.

For how long does a child need to receive these autism healings in order to benefit?

The minimum is 3 weeks. The maximum is usually 10-16 weeks. This is dictated by the child’s guidance. Usually within 2-3 weeks the parents begin to notice benefits such as “child is happier”, “sleeps better”, “more settled”, “smiles more”, “hugs more” or “is better responding to certain auditory request” etc.

Phone and email support.

Any questions related to your child can be emailed at no cost as often as needed. I intent to respond within 2 days. A 60 min. Skype or phone follow up session every 4 weeks is included in the total cost. 

How much does it cost?

After the initial obligation free consultation I can give you the cost. Each child has different needs and the duration and frequency for each autism healing varies. Also siblings will sometimes have to be taken into consideration as they can be affected by a ”sudden” change in the autistic child.

How do I pay?

The most commonly used form of payment is via credit card or Paypal. Also electronic funds transfers directly into an Australian bank account is accepted. This is however a less preferred method as it can take between 3-5 days for the funds to arrive, depending on which country you are in.
Your weekly invoice will be emailed around 2 days before the start of the next 7 day healing period. As long as payments are received by the due date, which is the day before the new healing period, these healings will automatically be renewed for another period.