Autism Can be Cured

My Journey Healing Autism With Spirit 

Spiritual Healing AutismThe journey that led to the availability of these soul healing processes for autism was quite a long one. Starting in 1990 I began training over a period of many years, in some of the now more widely available energy healing methods such as Reiki, Seichim healing, Zenna healing, Reconnective healing, Quantum healing and also as a Shell Essence and Flower essence therapist. I did most of this after hours as I owned and managed a small software development company during the day.

It was not until my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer/Dementia in the 1990s that I took a more serious interest in the way the brain works. At the time I read everything I could find about Alzheimer including the book “Molecules of Emotion” by the American neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert and found it very helpful. Many more books followed in the hope I could find a way to help my father. Neuroplasticity was something I also began to take an interest in. There were amazing stories of how people were able to accommodate injured or missing parts of the brain.

During that period there were also others around me suffering from various mental health issues such as a severe mental breakdown, panic attacks, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis and severe mental delusions. Until then I had little exposure and knowledge about all this and little interest in how the brain works. But it all changed.

I wanted to find out and learn more and attended a variety of mental health related courses in order to better understand all this. This also gave me an insight in how well modern medicine can now treat these mental health issues.

Little did I know then how well all this insight would eventually help with the autism healing process I can now offer.  

I was also curious to find out how well spiritual healings could help with some brain “dysfunctions”. During that period there were some successes, which left me open minded and willing to look into the possibility of healing autism when I met my first autistic client Jesse.

These spiritual healing sessions for healing autism are a rather simple process with no set protocol, that does not directly involve the child on a one to one basis. While the actual healing take place at certain times of the day they do not always have a immediately noticeable impact on the client. Often healing are processed at night. The innate Divine Intelligence within each person, no matter what age, is ultimately in charge of the outcome of each healing. From as young as age two a person’s Divine Intelligence knows what it can do in relation to healing autism.

With each of the sessions there is a very simple intended outcome: “that the client is able to develop and express him or herself at the level of his or her own capability”. This way there is no expectation attached as to what that would entail.

This intent is purely a spiritual directive as no human would know from a higher perspective what a person at any point in life is capable of achieving developmentally. A person’s own Divine Intelligence is ultimately in charge of the outcome of each session.

In essence, we are all unique in relation to who we are and what our needs are. Thus these spiritual healing sessions are automatically tailored to a client’s needs in that NOW moment, no matter what age or current health situation.

Should you require more information just sent me an email.