Autism Can be Cured

Is Autism Curable Using Alternative Methods?


is autism curableI will have to answer the question “is autism curable”, with a resounding YES based on my own experience. More can be read about why I believe this on this site and in the free downloadable eBook “No Autism Any Longer”.  I am talking from my own experience and the journey’s of two little boys in being cured of autism.

My first client Jesse, who was officially diagnosed with Autism, is now cured. Arlen, the second client, is now also cured of his autism. You can also read more about him on this site.

Arlen’s mother wrote in her book “Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life” more about how my healing work had an impact on her and her son.

More children have begun this autism healing program and we hope to update this site soon with additional success stories. You can also be kept up-to-date by subscribing to the newsletter on the right hand site of this page .  

Jesse was first diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was five years old. At that time he could barely talk and made virtually no eye contact. He mostly lived in his own world.

I noticed that Autism is non-existent in the family history of both parents. Not one single person in both parents’ family had ever shown any signs of autism. Jesse’s other four siblings from each side of the family, are also free of any autism symptoms.

As Amanda is also an energy healer (her website is she was very intrigued to find a way or an alternative way (if all else failed) to help cure her son. Thus started this quest to find a way to cure his autism.

The first time when I asked my own guidance for help, I clearly received a message that it was “out of timing” but that Jesse could be cured in the near future. At that time he might have been three or perhaps just four years old. With that in mind I also began searching the internet for other autism success stories using terms such as “is autism curable”, “cure for autism”, “healing autism”, “curing autism”, etc.

I found that the majority of people fell into one of two categories. They either claimed they did it themselves according to their story or they found that a particular method such as diet or intensive therapy such as behavioral treatments (often spanning years) had helped cure their child.

That gave me hope to keep looking for an alternative way to help Jesse with help of Spirit as many clients often found their (not autism related) issues would disappear sometimes after only one or two session. As Jesse had already responded well at before to healings for neurological issues, sleeping problems and sometimes other stress related issue we had faith we would be able to find a way to help him with his autism.

So the question “is autism curable” soon turned into “when can Jesse be cured” as we were waiting for guidance from Spirit.Once we knew that Jesse was ready these “autism healings” were given and he began to respond in a very noticeable way by non-stop talking within a matter of weeks.