Autism Can be Cured

Jesses First Year at School After His Autism Treatments

Curing Autism autism treatmentsBefore Jesse began receiving these autism healings, which cured his autism, he was receiving other autism treatments including various types of therapies.

He had also always been on a good diet but not a special diet for autism. However, according to Jesse’s parents none of it had made much difference.

Once he was formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Jesse was given access to all the specialist services available through Autism Queensland. While Jesse’s parents were greatly
appreciative of this, it had until then not made much difference to Jesse’s autism.

The autism treatments Jesse was already receiving were speech therapy and he was attending early intervention programs but nothing had changed.

Jesse began receiving these spiritual healings around the middle of 2011. At that time he still barely spoke. However, within the first weeks after starting the spiritual healings for autism his speech improved dramatically. In fact so much so that his parents could initially barely cope with his “all of a sudden” excessive talking and questioning. It became clear that Jesse was beginning to catch up with speech and the learnings associated with it.

Within 6 months of starting the Spiritual healings Jesse went full-time back in the normal education system at a local primary school. This was in February 2012, at the beginning of the new school year in Australia.

After the spiritual healing program was completed, as part of the ongoing autism treatments, Jesse is still receiving some Special Education classes to help him catch up with his developmental stages he missed during those early formative years.

However, the initial break through which allowed Jesse to begin to talk happened very shortly after he began receiving Spiritual healings. Within months of that first major set of spiritual healings Jesse was functioning like any other child his age with excellent results at school and with good cognition and a good sense of humor.

He had a glowing report card at the end of that first year at school with high achievements in Mathematics.

More can be found (including a copy of Jesse’s report card) in the free Ebook “No Autism Any Longer“.