Autism Can be Cured

Jesse And How He Was Cured From Autism


Cured from autism

I met Amanda, Jesse’s mother, in the late 1990s when she became my administrative assistant in one of the businesses of which I was at the time a co-director. A year later I parted with that company as I needed to slow down because of health issues. We went our own ways and our paths did not cross for many years. However, around 2007,because of the internet, we met again.

By that time Amanda had another child, her son Jesse.

Amanda told me how Jesse had been showing signs of withdrawal and was not talking properly. During that conversation I suddenly heard an inner voice with great clarity announce that Jesse could be helped. Thus, when Jesse was around four years old he received some distant spiritual healing and after that his neuromuscular problems disappeared. However, his other, mainly speech related problems, did improve a little but not enough.

I did not have much contact with Amanda during Jesse’s first formative years so not many healing sessions were given during those years and I had forgotten about the inner guidance telling me that I could help Jesse further.

Time went on and in the beginning of 2011 Jesse was officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He mostly lived in his own world with little interest in relating or communicating with others. Jesse was attending an early childhood development program and was seeing a speech therapist and an occupational therapist once a week, but there was little improvement in his condition.

Then, once again I clearly heard my inner voice for the second time telling me that Jesse could be helped, but the time was not right yet. This time I took notice and cautiously told Amanda what this inner voice had told me. I was cautious, as there was little improvement with his autism symptoms after earlier sessions when Jesse was four and I did not wish to create a set of expectations I could perhaps not meet. After all Amanda and I had both looked already for different ways to help Jesse but to no avail.

Then one day in mid-2011 I clearly heard the inner voice telling me that Jesse could soon be given spiritual healings to help him. As this was the first time I ever healed autism I initially did not know how long it would take to help the brain tissue slowly “regenerate” and function better. At the time, my main concern was the cognitive aftereffects that the spiritual healings could have on him. Could Jesse cope with these sessions at such a tender age?

My confidence in my spiritual healing process was growing with a variety of “miracle outcomes” I had begun to experience. I learned to trust my inner guidance and have enough faith in it. In Jesse’s case it turned out that the first session, which took several hours to complete, was a main turning point.

Jesse was about to turn six. After the first main spiritual healing session he needed several more follow up sessions during the following two months to have him back to functioning virtually normal again with his speech. While he had a major breakthrough with his communication within weeks of starting these sessions, he still needed to catch-up with his developmental stages and social abilities in general. He has been doing this at a rapid pace ever since the main sessions took place.

Within two weeks of the first main session it was clear that major changes were beginning to happen. Jesse’s communication improved so much that he was speaking in full sentences. This quiet, socially inept, withdrawn six-year-old suddenly started to talk a lot and with full understanding of what he was saying. So much so that Amanda and her husband needed time to learn to cope with Jesse’s much improved communication abilities.

By the end of that year, 2011, Jesse was ready to attend a normal local primary school. More about how that first year at school went can be read here.

This is a sample of Chapter 7 of the free eBook “No Autism Any Longer“.