Autism Can be Cured

More About this Spiritual Healing Method Used for Autism

spiritual healing autism on cure for autism websiteThis spiritual healing process is unique. The information of how to help others with it was given to me in 2002 during meditations. Before that I was using 
other healing methods such as Reiki, Seichim healing, Zenna healing, Reconnective healing, Quantum healing and also flower and shell essence ranges.

Our modern day lifestyle often does not allow us to get back in touch with our self during the day. Consequently while we all have within our self a source of great wisdom and healing we have forgotten that it exists. We are often too busy to make time to connect with this source of wisdom within which can help us live a more sustainable life. It is this same source of wisdom within every person from which guidance can be received in relation to what is required for spiritual healing. 

With this healing process I receive information, usually clairaudiently sometimes also clairvoyantly, about what needs healing in relation to the issue that is presented. This may include an age or date when the core imprint of a particular condition started.

If the cause is of a different nature, such as dietary or toxicity this will need to be attended to by seeking appropriate medical advice. I would receive guidance perhaps not to proceed with these healings or perhaps to first seek medical advice and when the issue is fully attended to from a medical perspective, in addition I might still be able to also provide spiritual healing should there be more than one issue at play.

However, it is not always possible to receive such guidance. It depends on the underlying reasons for the present condition. Also a child’s lifestyle or surroundings can have an impact on their stress levels, cognition and health.

Most autistic children are super sensitive. I have noticed with some, particularly the younger age group of 0- 6 years, that their parents emotional state, even if the parent is not physically present can still have an effect on the child. Also their “disability” causes most autistic children to be more “attached” to their main caregiver. Thus should the caregiver have a “bad day” often such children’s emotional neediness increases, making it in turn more difficult for both caregiver and child. These healings can often benefit those kind of viscous cycles. Particularly if there are other younger siblings living in the same household.

Another major factor I have noticed is that their innate hypersensitivity makes autistic children more sensitive to environmental stresses, such as loud noises or emotional discord, even if they are not physically near the “source.” The event may happen outside the house and can still have an impact on the child.

However, the reason for this is not only because the central nervous system cannot cope with the influx of environmental “stimuli.”  There can also be inherent weakness due to genetics.  Also soul based weaknesses can be a major reason why one child functions and develops normally and a sibling not while both live in the exactly same environment. I have mainly observed this with twins where one child is functioning fine and the other child is autistic.

What I noticed with the delayed developments is that some children were functioning at an emotional immaturity relative to their age. This emotional immaturity can be inherent or due to a severe trauma early in life. Sometimes a child can not cope with their parent’s lifestyle or it may need more attention from the parents which may not always be possible to be given. In order for a child to emotionally mature, its own emotional needs (relative to its age) need to be met. Particularly when a parent’s own emotional needs were never met it can make it harder for the child to have its own emotional needs met.

Emotional immaturity can prevent the development of other aspect of social awareness and communication. It can prevent cognitive functioning to develop at the right pace. These spiritual healings can sometimes help with building the emotional maturity from within first after which the parents usually notice a change in their child’s behavior such as improved focus or connection or more needs for hugging.

Once the child received these spiritual healings for their “underdeveloped” emotional awareness, the next step of their developmental stage such as improved focus and attention would immediately become noticeable.

From a healing perspective, all aspects of soul and overall development are reviewed and attended to were needed as part of the spiritual healings. However, from a persona development Ericson’s Theory of Psycosocial Development  might be worth reading.

I found that the hypersensitivity with most autistic children makes them more vulnerable, causing them to be easily affected by their environment from a young age.

While very young children or babies can not understand such events, the actual imprint, usually called trauma, can still leave a mark behind. Such “unresolved” imprint can prevent emotional maturity to develop from an early infancy stage. More than once did trauma in a toddler needed to be released, with the actual event actually happening almost right at birth. I have healed children from their earlier unresolved trauma, which happened within days after birth. In one particular case there was major surgery that took place. Followed by longer than average hospitalizations at an early age.

Sometimes children are very distracted because of their hypersensitivity to environmental stimuli such as sound. This can trigger fears and can become a greater than usual distraction from absorbing new information. 

Based on the guidance received I will know what is “energetically required” to support the young client to improve his or her functioning. So from the first day, this work is totally directed by the spiritual guidance of the client’s own Soul’s inner wisdom.

Over the years this spiritual healing process has helped many clients in all age groups in a variety of ways.

In addition to autism, children have also benefited from these healings with issues such as:

    • Mobility issues – see Arlen’s story
    • Not sleeping or waking often – see Anthony’s testimonial
    • Nightmares with Panic – see Anita’s testimonial
    • Crying issues such as relentless crying
    • Extreme shyness relative to the child’s developmental age – see Anthony’s testimonial
    • Pains that were not quantifiable – see Jesse’s testimonial
    • Biting issues
    • Restlessness
    • Anxiety driven behaviour
    • Fears in the classroom for other children or teachers, or bullying issues – see Anita’s testimonial
    • Fears of parental issues or even fears of a parent without the parent being excessive in any way
    • Sibling Rivalry
    • Learning Issues
    • Headaches
    • issues of loss such as a close friend or relative or a parent
    • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies. However I must stress to always immediately seek professional help first should your child display such tendencies.


Adults have benefited with issues such as:


Every person has within their Soul the wisdom and guidance for what help is needed for their own unique set of circumstances. This Soul wisdom can (with permission of the main carer) also be accessed in young children. It can also still help clients who are severely mentally afflicted however this process is never a substitute for medication.

It all depends on the individual person’s circumstances and causes of their disability. No matter at what level a person functions or how seemingly severe the disability, their own Soul’s wisdom is unaffected by this and may still be able to help with improvements.

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