Autism Can be Cured


I have an extremely stressful job and this also places pressures on my family life.  Furthermore I was informed that I would be transferred to an operational position within my job causing severe stress, affecting myself and family. 

I was unable to cope, sleep and seriously considered resigning.  Consequently through the help of Spirit, I eventually became comfortable with my transfer and soon after started working in the operational field, which I have excelled in and am in a permanent operational position.  My zest for life, family and work has improved significantly and this is thanks to Spirit.

On another occasion I was at the supermarket when I felt intense pain in my chest.  This lasted for about an hour and became stronger and it felt like I was having a heart attack – at age 45 this was quite a concern. 

I returned home and told my wife who immediately called “000’’, the emergency number in Australia.  The ambulance arrived and immediately provided medical treatment and I was diagnosed with a suspected heart attack as they picked up a weakness in the heart muscle. 

I was given spray, injections and placed on a drip and monitored. On the way to the hospital I became very ill and my heart rate dropped to 20.  The intensive care paramedics were called and attended whereby my heart rate was slowly restored; however I was very ill and had significant pain in my chest/heart.  During this time I was unaware that Spirit was also working on me.  At the hospital I underwent many tests to ascertain what had occurred and more importantly if my heart had been damaged.

That same night at the hospital my pain had gone and I felt healthy and well.  I wanted to go home, however I had to undergo at least 2 days testing to ensure I had recovered and ensure there wasn’t  any permanent damage to my heart. 

Well the doctors told me I had no damage to my heart and was fit and well and were amazed at my immediate recovery.  I was subsequently diagnosed with Pericardiatis which is a flu which attacks the heart and causes significant pain. 

More amazingly I didn’t require any medication to treat the flu which attacked my heart or any pain killers.

I was later advised by my wife that after she called ‘000’ she immediately rang Mia and asked for a healing.  This healing took place somewhere between leaving my house in an ambulance with 8 out of 10 chest pains, to arriving at hospital with no pain at all. 

Mia either saved my life or saved me from permanent heart damage and many, many months of recovery.  Thank you Mia and Spirit. 

Mark T. – Brisbane Australia